Article 68 of the Uruguayan Constitution states each parent has the right to choose the teachers or schools relative to their child's education. However, the latest interpretation of the education law explains this as “the right of parents to send their kids to a school authorized by the state, whether it is public or private.”

Home schooling is not provided for in the Uruguayan educational system, but there are situations in which such arrangements could arise. One example would be the non-accredited institutions that prepare pupils for the examination given at the end of elementary school. Another example would be in intermediate education, which permits students to participate without attending classes on the basis of performance on examinations. Both examples are exceptions to the system and there is not an arrangement under which families can assume responsibility for educating their children at home.

Article 7 section 2 of the LGE calls into question whether “home schooling” is possible in Uruguay, since it states that “Fathers, mothers, or legal guardians of boys, girls, and adolescents have the obligation to register them in a school and watch over their attendance and learning.”