The Mexican constitution in its article 31 states that it is an obligation of every Mexican citizen to have their children to attend either public or private institutions in order to receive proper education. The obligation of parent to have preschool, primary and secondary education is further stated in article 4 of the General Law of Education.

Compulsory age requirements vary from state to state but generally children have to be in school until the 6th grade. Without clear compulsory attendance laws, homeschooling is flourishing legally. As a general rule Mexican families homeschool without significant interference from the government.

Theire is a loophole which seems to have been used by some home schooling families. The National Institute for Adult Education (INEA by its Spanish acronym) is able to test pupils older than 15 years who for one or another reason have been out of the school system. INEA test results and educational processes can be recognized by higher education institutions, allowing the entrance of pupils not coming from the school system to higher education. Such cases are however, rare.