Homeschooling is legal. While a new homeschooling agreement was recently released ( cite: Acuerdo Ministerial 0067-13), it has not been widely announced or implemented. Homeschooling is still fairly uncommon, although it is a growing phenomenon. Those interested in homeschooling, please see the contact information below. The (cite: Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador (2008) states that parents are “free to choose for their children an education in accordance with their principles, beliefs and pedagogical choices” (Art. 29). The education law (Ley Orgánica de Educación Intercultural, Registro Oficial Nº 417, March 31, 2011) confirms that parents are guaranteed the constitutional right to “choose, in compliance with the best interests of the child, the type of educational institution they deem appropriate for their children, according to their beliefs, principles and their culture and language” (Art 12).