Costa Rica

Homeschooling is uncommon, but there are a number of families who are currently homeschooling. The current education law does not specifically address homeschooling.

The Constitution in Art. 78 1), establishes the obligatory nature of education preschool, the basic general and the diversified.

The Constitution devotes Title VII to Education and Culture and Article 79 2), Guarantees freedom of education. education, although it only relates it to private educational establishments. We do not find any reference regarding the ability of parents or families to choose the type of education to offer their children.

The law mentions in Art. 1 the obligation of the State to offer education in the broadest and most appropriate way. In Art. 6 the law specifies the structure of the National Educational System and provides that it includes two aspects: school education, that which is taught in the proper schools and extra-school education or cultural extension. Finally, Art. 22 of the law refers to Special Services that is made up of a series of coordination tasks with educational establishments, among which is: “(…) A social service that facilitates knowledge of their family and social conditions and that allows the extension of the work of the school to the home and the community (…) ”.

Article 78.- Preschool, basic and diversified general education are compulsory and, in the public system, free and paid for by the Nation. See:
Article 79.- Freedom of education is guaranteed, however, every private teaching center will be under State inspection. See: